Friday, February 18, 2011

Everyone has a voice, heres mine.

Dear Mr. Barron,

Florida State is my home, I wear my Seminole shirts proud and I’ve felt nothing but blessed to attend this amazing University….until a few days ago. Wednesday February 16, 2011 a group called “The Genocide Awareness Project” was on the Union Green, a simple task of getting my mail turned into the most offensive experience of my life. It started with the pictures; I was shocked to see such large and graphic photos of what they said to be “aborted babies.” Being a person who faints from the sight of blood, I instantly tried to get out of that area, while trying to leave I heard a man yell “would you like a hanger for 25 cents so you can kill it yourself?” Never in my life have I ever felt the way they made me feel, trapped and uncomfortable somewhere that I consider my school, my home away from home, my refuge. I am not offended by the anti-abortion message because I am in fact Pro-Life, and I am a strong believer of the first amendment understanding that everyone is entitled to free speech, but I am offended that they bombarded us students with disgusting photos and offensive references to history. Comparing their cause to the lynching of African Americans or the Jews in the Concentration Camps is degrading and insulting to the families affected by those horrible times in history. Mark Harrington who is with "The Genocide Awareness Project" stated to the FSView that "College Republicans have a pro-life position and that's why they invited us to come,” I had no idea that a student organization can reserve a space at FSU and bring anyone they want on campus. Also, according to FSU’s Use of University Facilities- Section H: “All signs must reflect mature judgment and discretion in content and style. Signs and banners may not be in support of political parties or individuals. Signs or banners of an illegal (i.e., violation of any federal, state or local municipal ordinances) or offensive nature will be removed” so why weren’t the signs taken down? ( is the first time I have ever questioned my being at The Florida State University, the fact that the school allowed this is what concerns me. What’s next a KKK march or a rally against homosexuals? It may sound irrational, but after witnessing what the College Republicans brought to our campus, I believe anything can happen now.

Sincerely a very disappointed student,
Hailey Mackin